soloist and clarinet choir with sax ad lib.

Composed for violin and piano in 1990 as a compulsory piece for the Charles De Bériot Competition, the Trois Croquis is one of his most frequently performed works, which has led him to produce a great many versions, first transcribing the violin part for many other instruments, then orchestrating the piano part for string orchestra or clarinet ensemble, and finally producing a version for quartet or quintet or string orchestra.

In the many versions of this work we find several characteristics of his language: the melodic inspiration, the expressiveness, the harmonic colours and the subtlety of the orchestration. Several recordings have been made of it.

Available on the CD Oréades recorded by André Siwy (violin), Ronald Van Spaendonck (clarinet), Pierre Martens (bassoon), Marie-Cécile Stévant (flute), Sarah Mouradoglou (percussion) and Stéphane De May (piano) : René Gailly International Productions.

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