While our New Consonant Music label already focuses on a particular way to consider contemporary classical music, we proposes three special collections…

The EAST Collection was founded one week after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This was an exciting moment. Everyboby felt that the USSR era was about to disappear but nobody knew how nor when. The thirst for freedom was more stronger than ever. The word “Internet” was only known by some geeks in some American universities. The aim of this collection is to collect New Consonant Music works from composers having known the years when artistic expression had to deal with an iron political regime, invested in its own cultural productions.

The Antonio Eduardo (Anted) collection was created in Santos in Summer 1998. During years, the Brazilian pianist Antonio Eduardo introduced in South America many European works of New Consonant Music. He also collected works from Brazilian composers for its own recitals and recordings. The aim of this collection is to collect Brazilian works for piano.

The Brussels Rhythmic Studies are a collection designed to facilitate the learning of musical rhythm. Its titles are intended for students from the music school to the PhD. All these studies were written in Brussels but are used worldwide. The whole collection will cover all degrees of rhythmic education. Each album proposes various and progressive exercises to efficiently prepare the student to its future musical life.