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      Founded in 1989, Alain Van Kerckhoven Éditeur SRL is a music publishing company on a mission to publish, distribute, and promote New Consonant Music within the realm of classical music.

      Headquartered in Brussels, we boast an expansive international catalogue, distributing it globally. Representing 17 diverse nationalities, our catalogue encompasses over 75 composers, whose compositions resonate in numerous countries across the globe.

      Our approach is discerning and deliberate, emphasizing modest size to maintain accessibility for composers and audiences alike. Amidst a landscape of industry consolidation and significant transformations, we firmly believe that selectivity and maintaining a compact footprint are instrumental in preserving a catalogue with a distinct identity while ensuring responsiveness as a publisher.

      Pioneering in our endeavors, we were the inaugural classical music publisher to offer a website featuring audio excerpts of our musical repertoire. We were one of the first music publishers to become actively involved in the now commonplace technologies of computer engraving, digital printing and e-commerce. We were driven in this by the strong conviction that musical creation must avoid being a ghost of the past. Music is at its most powerful when composer, performer and audience share the same time.

      Passion for our catalogue propels us forward, leading to collaborations with eminent performers, labels, music academies, festivals, and competitions. Notable partnerships include the Queen Elizabeth International Music Competition of Belgium, the Musica Nuova Festival, the International Adolphe Sax Competition, the Juilliard School of Music, Naxos, Mikhaïl Bezverkhny, Mireille Gleizes, Marc Grauwels, Francis Orval, Eliane Reyes, and Ronald Van Spaendonck, among many others.

      In a nutshell, we like what we publish and our job is to convey that ejoy to the world.