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        Founded in 1989, the mission of our music publishing company Alain Van Kerckhoven Éditeur SPRL is to publish, distribute and promote New Consonant Music.

        Based in Brussels, we have an international catalogue and also distribute it internationally. 17 different nationalities were represented by more than 70 composers, whose works are played and produced in an even larger number of countries around the world.

        Having said that, we are deliberately choosy and are intent on staying modest in size and remaining accessible to composers and listeners alike. For in an era of mega-mergers and major upheavals, we believe that selectivity and smallness of size are the keys to retaining a catalogue with a strong identity, while remaining suitably responsive as a publisher.

        Accordingly, we were the first publisher of classical music to offer a website featuring audio extracts of our music. Indeed, we are enthusiastic technophiles, and keep our business in tune with the times by being active in digital printing, e-commerce and the production of electronic music scores.

        We are equally upbeat about our catalogue and have worked together with prestigious performers, labels, music academies, festivals and competitions: the Queen Elizabeth International Music Competition of Belgium, the Musica Nuova Festival, the International Adolphe Sax Competition, the Juiliard School of Music, Naxos, Mikhaïl Bezverkhny, Mireille Gleizes, Marc Grauwels, Francis Orval, Eliane Reyes and Ronald Van Spaendonck being just a few examples.

        In a nutshell, we like what we publish and our job is to convey that enjoyment.