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Dupraz, Dominique

Dominique Dupraz

Dominique Dupraz (1947-2021) studied music in Paris at the Conservatoire Serge Rachmaninoff, as well as at the Sorbonne, where he obtained the title Docteur d’Etat ès Lettres in musicology.

His teaching activities rapidly led him to create the music courses Musique en Vivarais and Musique en Vendée. During these courses he conducted the orchestra classes and gave talks on Beethoven’s symphonies.

For many years he conducted the modern music ensemble Horizons Sonores XXI (Sound Horizons XXI), which gave numerous performances, mainly in Paris.

His musical compositions for piano, voice and piano, string quartets, choirs and symphony orchestras, as well as for many other instruments, including the Crystal and Tibetan bowls, were given their first performances in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and the Czech Republic.