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Vivo e Trionfante

wind quintet
Vivo e Trionfante (2019) for wind quintet is inspired by the motto ‘spring has sprung’, and completes the score of Petite symphonie d’entre-temps, for symphonic orchestra, as its third movement. Although spring seems to be the favorite season for many composers, Alfonso Guerra’s objective behind this vibrant piece was to compensate the emotional charge after listening to the two previous movements. Nevertheless, isolated and reduced to a smaller ensemble, as presented in this case for wind quintet, the piece singly works as an invitation to celebrate life.
Vivo e Trionfante starts with a lively melody, which will develop within the different instruments throughout the piece, whose form is based on a free rondo. The world premiere by Quintette EtCaetera took place at the Gothic room of the Brussels Town Hall, one of Belgium’s finest civic buildings, on 6 March 2019, under the name of Jeunesse.

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