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wind quintet and piano

The Sextuor for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and piano (1990) represents a major turning point in Michel Lysight‘s aesthetic evolution.

Indeed, the influences of great masters such as Debussy, Bartók, Stravinsky and many others are perceptible in earlier works such as Réflexion (1982) or Soleil bleu (1989). The discovery of the North American minimalist current (Steve Reich, Phil Glass, John Adams etc.) was decisive, as was the discovery of the works of Schnittke, Górecki and Pärt. Very representative of the postmodern current, the piece is articulated in three movements, all based on the technique of variations on a harmonic sequence. The melodic aspect is omnipresent, as well as an in-depth work on rhythm and the search for timbres. The instrumental formation is the same as that of Francis Poulenc’s famous Sextet. The world premiere took place in Namur (Belgium) in 1990 by the ensemble Nouvelles Consonances.

Three CD recordings have been made: the first by the Ensemble Claventi (label René Gailly, out of print), the second by the soloists of the Musique Royale des Guides (label Mirasound 500.135), and the last in 2011 by the Quartz ensemble on a CD entirely devoted to music for wind and piano by Michel Lysight (label Quartziade 014

In 2011, the composer produced a version for wind quintet, harp and string orchestra (or quintet) under the title Chamber Symphony.

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