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Pelecis, Georgs

Georgs Pelecis

Georgs Pelecis was born in Riga in 1947. He studied composition with Aram Khatchaturian at the Moscow Tchaikowsky Conservatory. Since 1970 he has been teaching polyphony at the Latvian Academy of Music. Recently he was appointed President of the Riga Centre of Early Music. Moreover he has a vast oeuvre to his credit as an important composer of this century.

Georgs Pelecis – Latvia – one of the leading contemporary composers who writes new consonant music with an amazingly clear positive spirit and fresh harmonies. We can hear the reverberations of Renaissance and Baroque music in his compositions mixed with the minimalistic aesthetic. @polinaosetinskaya recorded many of his works and contributed to his popularity.
Pelecis’s music is both naive and mysterious in style, and reveals his profound knowledge of the music of past cultures. As he himself says: “My musical language and my style of expression have been influenced by what I have learned and come to love in the music of the past; its melodies, its rhythms and its harmonies, which have evolved from the 14th Century to the present day through the German, Italian, English and French music of the 17th Century. The study of folklore has also deepened my understanding. I do not place great importance on the separation of “ancient” and “contemporary”. For me all great and irresistible music actually represents the glimmer of an ideal and conveys the psychological drama of the human spirit when confronted with this inaccessible ideal.”