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Sonata for Clarinet (2nd edition)

clarinet and piano

Dedicated to Ronald Van Spaendonck, the Sonata for Clarinet was composed in 2003.

Structured in three movements (LivelySlowLively), it requires from both performers a great technical virtuosity as well as a strong sense of colour and instrumental dialogue. The first movement is based on two contrasting themes: the first is rhythmic, agitated, even obsessive and is developed in the classical sense of the term, while the second, of more lyrical inspiration, comes back only once, transposed a tone lower, a bit like a refrain. The second movement uses the principle of variations on an obstinate bass, alternating and superimposing two particularly expressive motifs. The third and last movement is built on an alternation of episodes of diverse character. It concludes with the surprising return of the first theme of the initial movement.

The world premiere took place in Antwerp (Belgium) on September 26, 2003 by Ronald Van Spaendonck and pianist Muhiddin Dürrüoglu.

This work appears on a DVD Le Monde Sonore de Michel Lysight (Leonardo Anglani, Kimberly Egberts, Joseph Grau, Hugues Navez, Johan Schmidt, Ronald Van Spaendonck, Sestarmusic-Maguelone label SSMTV-0013 MAG 111.179).

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