Contemporary classical music publisher

Engraving guidelines

In order to insure coherence in the layout of our publications, we have adopted the following engraving guidelines. Works for submission have not to fit them.


  • Format : A4 Portrait
  • Margins : between 15 and 20 mm
  • Publisher reference
    • “AVK###” [## has to be be communicated by the publisher after agreement]
    • sans serif bold 8pt
    • lays on bottom margin
    • centered
  • Page numbers
    • “- ## -“
    • sans serif normal 10pt
    • lays under top margin
    • centered
    • Not on the first page
  • Page turns
    • Make the performer’s life easy…


  • Title, formation, composer
    • Traditionnal placement
    • Serif
    • Upper-case
    • bloc lays under top margin
  • Copyright
    • “© YYYY by Alain Van Kerckhoven Éditeur” [YYYY is the year of the agreement]
    • sans serif normal 8pt
    • lay on bottom margin
    • left alignment
    • Only on the first page of each movment


  • Alterations
    • classical influence (within the measure for tonal music)
    • courtesy alterations between round brackets
  • Instruments names
    • before staves on the first page
    • serif 10 pt standard
    • English abreviations on next pages only if possible confusions
  • Lyrics
    • serif 10 pt standard
    • second language in italic
  • Measures
    • Measure number not on the first measure
    • sans serif normal 8pt
    • multimeasures broken at each rehersal mark (or each 10 measures if no rehersal marks)
  • Slurs
    • start and endings vertically centered on note head
    • interrupted over meters and keys
  • Ties
    • start and endings vertically aligned between chords
    • start and endings horizontally centered on note head
    • interrupted over meters and keys
  • Triplets
    • number only (“3” and not “3:2”)
    • brackets beamed group


  • Files have to be readable in a recent version of Finale or Sibelius.
  • A PDF file is needed for security.