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Titanium for Clarinet and Bassoon

clarinet in B♭ and bassoon

Titanium (2015) was commissioned by the Ypsilon Duo (Simon Diricq, saxophones and Charles Michiels, clarinets) who recorded it on CD (Pulsions, Klarthe KA075). Michel Lysight will then produce a version dedicated to Jean-Marc Fessard (clarinet) and Pierre Martens (bassoon). These two versions can be combined (saxophone and bass clarinet, saxophone and bassoon, clarinet and bassoon, clarinet and bass clarinet).

The world premiere of the version for clarinet and bass clarinet took place in 2017 in France, by Jean-Marc Fessard and Béatrice Berne.

An extremely rhythmic, virtuoso and intense piece that leaves little respite for both musicians and listeners, it uses the principle of progressive construction of various contrapuntal motifs that evolve and transform, constantly renewing the basic material despite its minimalist aspect.

This work is available as Hard Copy or PDF at:

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