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Solipsism (2009) is a work in three short movements for clarinet or bass clarinet or bassoon composed for clarinetist Marcel Luxen, to whom it is dedicated. It features the composer’s characteristic rhythmic language (progressive construction of short cells, Fibonacci series, evolutive repetition etc.) which explores various modal or polymodal scales (six-tone scales, whole-tone scales etc.) while calling upon a great deal of technical virtuosity on the part of the performer. Sudden jumps in register combined with unexpected changes in dynamics give the listener the impression of a dialogue between two or even several instruments.

Solipsism has been recorded on CD for the world premiere for the Naxos company (“North South East West” reference 9.70144) by the clarinettist Marcel Luxen.

French Premiere on 2nd April at 08:30 pm in the Conservatoire d’Aulnay sous Bois by Jean-Marc Fessard (clarinet and bass clarinet), Didier Pateau, (oboe), Guillaume Demougeot (clarinet), Elisabeth Kissel (bassoon)

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