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two flutes

Palladium (2016) is a piece belonging to the series of duets illustrating a metal (Tin, Cobalt, Titanium, Platinum).

By using rapid register jumps and combining great rhythmic virtuosity with highly expressive writing, the composer creates a sonic illusion, giving the impression in places of hearing more than two instruments. The work opens with the two flutes imitating each other, like a game. Then new cells appear, creating a denser and denser fabric of sound that abruptly leads to a slow part that is much more lyrical and expressive while retaining a marked rhythmic character. The piece ends with a lively, virtuosic and brilliant part.

The world premiere by Duo Synchronie (Emanuelle Blessig and Yorick De Bruycker) took place on 6 April 2016 in the Abbey of Malonne as part of the Sinfonietta Festival.

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