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Seven visions of the night, poetic, anguished, lyrical, worried, violent, dreamy or melancholic.

The first one states, on an obstinate rhythm in the bass, a very simple melody, expressive, almost childlike, but whose naivety is only apparent. The second oscillates between a false slow waltz and an imaginary Gymnopédie. The third plays a melodic cell in canon in three voices, alternating with other elements that are rhythmically and harmonically denser.

The fourth is expressive in character and uses short elements that combine with each other, evolving in surprising modulations. The fifth is a long melody accompanied by changing and delicate harmonies. The sixth invites the listener to ride in an imaginary vehicle, an unchanging pedal-band in the left hand, the melody in the right hand slowly unfolding like a changing landscape over time. The seventh develops two main ideas: a pedal group that modulates abruptly, and a descending scale fragment that metamorphoses in different ways.

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