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Facing the Looking Glass


Facing the looking glass (2017) is a suite of three pieces with contrasting characters. The first is based on a rhythmic ostinato that recurs in several places, alternating with other motifs that are gradually built up by adding new notes. The second is a long melodic improvisation based on two rhythmically contrasting motifs. The third, built in the single bar 7/8, is very virtuosic and repetitive in inspiration.

In all three pieces, sudden modulations give subtle and varied changes of colour. On the other hand, the large leaps in register give the impression that several clarinets are in dialogue with each other, a sort of trompe-l’oreille.

The work is dedicated to the clarinettist Ronald Van Spaendonck.

World creation on 19th February 2017 at Atelier Marcel Hastir (Brussels, Belgium) by Ronald Van Spaendonck (clarinet).

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