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Chronographie IX

alto saxophone (or flute or bassoon or bass clarinet) and piano

Chronographie IX (2005) was commissioned by the International Adolphe Sax Competition in Dinant for its 2006 session. It belongs to a series of works which have in common an identical melodic-harmonic material (C, E, B, G, A). The original version is therefore for alto saxophone, but the composer then made three others: bassoon, bass clarinet and flute.

The general character of the piece is a sort of race to the abyss, calling for extreme virtuosity and very great rhythmic precision on the part of both performers; a lyrical pause, a short remission, occurs a little before the end, but this respite is illusory since the unbridled race continues until the conclusion.

Chronographie IX for bassoon and piano, Deux Esquisses for wind quartet, Thrène for alto flute and piano, Sextuor for wind quintet and piano, Pentagramme for wind quintet and Cosmographic Mystery for horn are recorded on the CD Cosmographies by Quartz Ensemble: QUARTZIADE 014.

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