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12 Miniatures Op. 10


The 12 Miniatures for piano opus 10 consists of the following works: Prelude, Cantilena, Psalm, Capriccio, Arioso, Scherzo Pastorale, Pierrot, Toccata, Marche, Lament and Finale.

These contrasting titles guide the imagination of the listener while revealing the concern of the composer of a total renewal of a work to another.

Each piece is independent, creating a scenery of increasing complexity and constituting, beyond the contrasts, a coherent cycle of an elegant homogeneity.


  • EUFO-Eufoda 1064 by Marie-Claude Werchofska (1982)
  • Phonic Terpsichore-1982-023 by Frederik Van Rossum (1983)

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