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Viktorova, Olga

Olga Viktorova

Composer Olga Viktorova was born on 22 September 1960 in Ukraine.

She is a graduate from the Kharkov Music School for gifted children. In 1984, she graduated with honours from the St-Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory where she studied composition (with professor B. Arapov) and folklore. In 1986 she completed her postgraduate course at the same conservatory. Since 1996 she has been a member of the Composers’ Union of Russia.

Olga Viktorova worked as a Music Director of the Kemerovo Drama Theater, taught composition and music theory at the Kemerovo College of Music. Nowadays she teaches composition and instrumentation at the Sverdlovsk College of Music.

In 1998, Olga Viktorova along with Oleg Paiberdin founded the Contemporary Music Club which turned into the Workshop of the New Music Autograph.

Olga Viktorova’s works were performed at numerous festivals and concerts in the Netherlands, the USA, Spain, Belgium and Russia. Her music has been performed by Kuzbass Symphony Orchestra (Kemerovo, Russia), Billings Symphony Orchestra (USA), BACH Chamber Orchestra and the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Ensemble ’88 (the Netherlands).

Prizes and awards : Laureate of the All-Ukrainian Competition of Young Composers (Kiev, 1976); Diploma Winner of the All-Union Competition of Young Composers (Moscow, 1984); Grant of Governor of Sverdlovsk Region (Yekaterinburg, 2000).

Participation in festivals : Women in music (Krasnoyarsk, 1994); Music before Christmas, festival of contemporary music (Yekaterinburg, 1997); Music Tribute to Yekaterinburg, festival of contemporary music (Yekaterinburg, 1998); Russia Femina (Amsterdam, Maastricht, Gent, 1999); Evenings of Contemporary Music (Yekaterinburg, 2000, 2001); IV Festival in memory M. Paverman (Yekaterinburg, 2001); The International Gaudeamus Music Week 2001, international festival of contemporary music (Amsterdam, 2001); Sound & Space, festival, workshop of new music (Yekaterinburg, 2001); Avet Terterian’s Lines, international festival of new music (Yekaterinburg, 2002).

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