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Girard, Anthony

Anthony Girard

According to Anthony Girard, French composer born in New York in 1959, the music creation should lead to a space of freedom and plenitude. Poetry and mysticism are most important to understand his language evolution. If purely musical stylistic influences such as the modern French school, Gregorian chant and the roots of polyphony, the music of India or minimalism, cannot be excluded, the real key to his cursus are his literary and spiritual affinities.

Among his most important works are The lost Souls (Les âmes perdues) for orchestra, the cantatas Croix de lumière and Mon cœur fait chanter des anges, Comme une étoile du matin for strings orchestra, La rose inaccessible for piano and ensemble, La voix lointaine d’Eurydice for eight instruments and a dancer, The waves of silence for piano and strings quartet, Un peu plus d’élan et d’innocence for two pianos and two percussions, Archéologie secrète for piano.

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