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Flores Espinoza, Fabian H.

Flores Espinoza

Fabián H. Flores Espinoza (‘Tito Yupanqui’) (Copacabana, La Paz, Bolivia, 1931) – Musician, composer and performer. Self-taught, he cultivated the national folk rhythms. He plays the harp, the concertina, the quena, the charango, the mandolin and especially the guitar. He has performed on different foreign stages. He formed the duo ‘Wara Wara’ with Pepita Cardona (his wife).
Orlando Rojas records the following compositions: Taya (lamento), Suite boliviana (1 to 7), Nostalgias (bailecito), Josefina (cueca), Rosa (cueca), ¿Para qué (cueca in co-authorship with Pepa Cardona).

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