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A Tribute to Philip K. Dick

flute, clarinet, harp and string quartet

A Tribute to Philip K. Dick (2001) is written in a single movement based on the alternation of two highly contrasting motifs, each with its own character and tempo. This creates a strong feeling of opposition at the very beginning, but very gradually the different elements will develop, first independently and then more intertwined, until they merge into a single motif that slowly dissolves in the calm, meditative atmosphere of the conclusion.

The title reflects the composer’s admiration for the novels of the American author Philip K. Dick (1928-1982) and for the many questions that his work raises, particularly about reality and our way of understanding it. In addition, the structure of many “Dickian” narratives (parallel worlds, mise en abyme, pretences, simulacra etc.) has in many ways inspired the form and style of development of this piece. The instrumental formation is deliberately identical to that of Maurice Ravel’s Introduction and Allegro, as too few pieces of the repertoire use this entire ensemble.

This work was recorded on the CD In the Light of Ravel (Harp & Company CD 5050-39) by Rachel Talitman (harp), Marcos Fregnani-Martins (flute), Jean-Marc Fessard (clarinet) and the Akhtamar Quartet

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