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Langton’s Ants


An apparent paradox is that our world seems infinitely complex to us while it is governed by a limited number of very simple physical laws. This paradox is one of the origins of the concept of god. Langton’s ants are mathematical devices in the family of cellular automata. Guided by very simple laws, they draw on the plane of complex patterns, illustrating that emergent phenomena do not need demiurges. Langton’s Ants (2012) thus illustrates this principle: a few simple and easily recognizable melodic-rhythmic cells develop and gradually stick together in a way that may at first seem “anarchic” but which in the end gives a highly coherent result.

The great cellist Didier Poskin had expressed the desire to be able to create a new piece for solo cello, which is why this work is dedicated to him.

The world premiere took place on 9 July 2012 in Briançon (France) and the Korean premiere in Seoul on 20 July 2012, both by the dedicatee.


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