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Dafydd Bullock ; Dominique Dupraz : Songs

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A fantastic performance of the soprano Susan Bullock, accompanied on the piano by Leonardo Anglani. She sings works of her brother Dafydd (Salm Dafydd, Stormlieder) but also Dominique Dupraz (Six Chants) and Robert Janssens.

Title: Songs
Composer(s): Dafydd Bullock ; Dominique Dupraz
Reference: cdAVK003
Type: CD
Formation: -
Class: disc
Instrument(s): V pf
Year: 1997
Duration: -
Nb. Pages: 0
Weight: 100 g
Dimensions: 15,2 * 11,9 cm
Hard copy
Price (VAT incl.): 20.00 EUR
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