New Consonant Music

Jean-Marie Simonis : Historiettes Op. 24

for piano

These five short pieces, each in turn whimsical, poetic or burlesque, put forward picturesque scenes full of freshness and humor. The game of lags, of rhythmic and melodic stretches and shortcuts, breathes a new life to the simplest formulas.

Title: Historiettes Op. 24
Composer(s): Jean-Marie Simonis
Reference: AVK304
Type: score
Formation: piano
Class: keyboards
Instrument(s): pf
Difficulty: 3 (average)
Year: 1972
Duration: 00:14:00
Nb. Pages: 24
Weight: 160 g
Dimensions: 31 * 23,5 cm
Hard copy (printed copy)
Price (VAT incl.): 20.00 EUR
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