New Consonant Music

Michel Lysight : Symphony n° 1 [score]

for orchestra

A subtle colorful and lyrical orchestral writing coupled with a complete mastery of the form : a great symphony of the 21st century and one of the composer's masterpieces.

World Premiere on 14th March 2014 in the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium) by Ensemble Orchestral de Bruxelles (dir. Jacques Vanherenthals)

Title: Symphony n° 1 [score]
Composer(s): Michel Lysight
Reference: AVK277_s
Type: score
Formation: orchestra
Class: ensemble
Instrument(s): 2 fl/picc, 2 ob/Engl-hrn, 2 cl/cl-b, 2 bn, 2 hn in F, 2 trp in C, trb-T, trb-B, timp, perc (1: trgl, tamb, susp-cymb, sn-drum, tam-tam, B-drum, 5 temple bl, 4 tom-toms, glcksp, tub bells) strings
Difficulty: 4 (pretty difficult)
Year: 2014
Duration: 00:25:00
Nb. Pages: 92
Weight: 386 g
Dimensions: 21 * 29,7 cm
Hard copy (printed copy)
Price (VAT incl.): 67.00 EUR
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