New Consonant Music

Michael Kugel : Il Carnevale di Venezia

for viola and piano

The theme of Paganini Variations Carnival is based on an old folk pattern.

The piece of Kugel takes some variations of Paganini, but also develops original variations of this ancient melody, where the piano is very present.

Title: Il Carnevale di Venezia
Composer(s): Michael Kugel
Reference: AVK157
Type: score
Formation: viola and piano
Class: strings
Instrument(s): vla pf
Difficulty: 5 (really difficult)
Year: 2002
Duration: 00:24:00
Nb. Pages: 32+12
Weight: 210 g
Dimensions: 21 * 29,7 cm
Hard copy (printed copy)
Price (VAT incl.): 31.00 EUR

Score in PDF
Price (VAT incl.): 15.50 EUR
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