New Consonant Music

Rafaël Goormans : Requiem per la morte di un povero

for horn and string orchestra

« Les pensées reposent dans la vie comme les cendres dans la mort. » (Chateaubriand).

The five pieces are built on a short or fleeting idea: flowing partially from tortured affection, partially from the hope of being able to comfort with deeply human serenity.

Title: Requiem per la morte di un povero
Composer(s): Rafaël Goormans
Reference: AVK093
Type: score
Formation: horn and string orchestra
Class: ensemble
Instrument(s): cor str-orch
Difficulty: 3 (average)
Year: 1996
Duration: 00:17:00
Nb. Pages: 24 [+solo +4 parts]
Weight: 475 g
Dimensions: 21 * 29,7 cm
Hard copy (printed copy)
Price (VAT incl.): 110.00 EUR
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