New Consonant Music

2 instruments and harp or piano or harpsichord (with cello or double bass and bass drum ad lib.)

Ripple Marks (1999) is based on a melodic theme that develops on the first instrument (3 notes, then 5, then 7, then 9, then 5 and finally 3) while the second instrument plays a pattern consisting of the same notes as the theme of the first, but written in regular values (sixteenth notes) in the high register. The regular eighth notes of the polyphonic instrument are this same motif, but in retrograde movement, while a single pedal note (low C) resounds in irregular long values punctuated by the bass drum. Slow and collected, the ensemble gives an impression of polymetry due to the staggered accents of each instrument.

This work appears on the CD Belgian Chamber Music (Marcos Fregnani-Martins, Erez Ofer, Igal Braslavsky, Karolina Maziarz, Rachel Talitman, label Harp&Co 5050-28).


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