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Hexagram (2002) is written for indeterminate instrumental training. The piece develops thanks to a six-voice canon writing; within this framework, short melodic-rhythmic cells are progressively built by successive additions of notes. When the musical fabric reaches a certain degree of saturation, the number of voices is gradually reduced. A new cycle then begins again, generated by new cells.

This work has been the subject of two more specific instrumentations: one for clarinet ensemble (dedicated to Ronald Van Spaendonck) and the other for string sextet (dedicated to Daniel Rubenstein and the Mendelssohn Ensemble).

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Hexagramme for Clarinet Choir Hexagramme for String Sextet Hexagramme_in_A_(treble clef) Hexagramme_in_Bb_(treble clef) Hexagramme_in_C_(treble clef) Hexagramme_in_Eb_(treble clef) Hexagramme_in_F_(treble clef)

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