Chronographie V (2001) belongs to a series of pieces (there are currently twelve “Chronographies” for various formations) having as a common point an identical melodic-harmonic material (D, F sharp, C sharp, A, B). This material is not stated here at the outset. On a “pedal-group” played with the left hand – made up of four notes of the chronographic theme in the order 5, 1, 3, 2 – an expressive theme is gradually built up, first of all made up of three, five, seven and finally nine notes. When this figure is reached, it is complete and begins to develop into a canon, alternating with the “chronographic motif”, which is also becoming more and more important. The “pedal-group” becomes denser and the themes end up being superimposed, played in faster and faster arpeggiated formulas, the dynamics also increasing. A modulation to the lower minor third creates a sudden colour change that corresponds to the climax of this first part.

This is followed without interruption by a very rhythmic central part based essentially on the “chronogrammatic motif” transposed into melodic minor mode (G, B flat, F sharp, D, E). The third part brings back a more meditative atmosphere based on another pedal-group: the “chronographic motif” (G, B, F sharp, D, E) is played by the left hand in regular values on an “E” pedal whose eleven eighth-note length shifts the “beat” of the measure in four beats in order to obtain a polymetric effect in relation to the right hand, which also plays the “chronographic motif” in a tight canon in sixteenth notes. Alternating with the above, the opening theme returns, slowly deconstructing itself by reversing the process (9, 5, 3, 2 and finally 1 note), the piece ending in a dreamy and serene atmosphere.

This work appears on a DVD entitled “Le Monde Sonore de Michel Lysight” (Leonardo Anglani, Kimberly Egberts, Joseph Grau, Hugues Navez, Johan Schmidt, Ronald Van Spaendonck, Sestarmusic-Maguelone label SSMTV-0013 MAG 111.179).

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