flute quartet or three flutes and violin

Arcanes (2005) is articulated in three movements. The instrumental formation is either a traditional flute quartet (three flutes and an alto flute) or three flutes and a violin.

The first movement (Allegro) is based on the combination – in two, three or four parts – of short, immediately recognizable melodic-rhythmic cells. These elements are treated in various ways, but the general character of the movement remains breathless, leaving little respite for the performers and listeners until the conclusion. The second movement (Moderato) emphasizes expression and melody without neglecting a certain virtuosity at its centre. The final part (Allegro) is built on a single cell; it is treated in a variety of ways (among others in canon at various intervals and distances). The playing is abruptly interrupted by a short homorhythmic element. This element reappears several times, each time more developed, even ending up combining with the initial cell.

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