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Michel Lysight was born in Uccle (Belgium) in October 1958. After studies of musicology between 1976 and 1978 (ULB), he has obtained at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels the following first prizes : history of music, musical pedagogy (solfege), harmony, counterpoint, fugue, bassoon and advanced degrees in solfege (contemporary music) and chamber music. He did musical conducting with René Defossez and Robert Janssens.

In 1989, he got his first prize in composition at the Royal Conservatory of Mons (class of Paul-Baudouin Michel). "Quatrain" for woodwind quartet won the Irène Fuérison Prize of the Royal Academy for Fine Arts of Belgium (1990). The silver medal of the International Academy of Lutèce (Paris) was decerned to him for his international composition competition.

Aesthetically, he was influenced by repetitive and minimalist music, but not only : a certain "romanticism" is present in his music, because he wants a direct communication with the public and not to compose for an elite. In 1991, he founded the "Michel Lysight Ensemble", for the interpretation and the recording of his music. He's also conductor of Nouvelles Consonances, the ensemble for contemporary music at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

His catalogue contains around seventy works of all genres (chamber music, orchestra, piano...). All his music belongs to the New Consonant Music.

Michel Lysight is currently a professor at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and in music schools in Brussels.

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