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Friend of Piotr Lachert, Boudewijn Buckinx and of the publisher, the Belgian pianist Mireille Gleizes specialised in the New Consonant Music repertoire from the late 1980s. She later became close to many composers such as Freddy Devreese, Gilberto Mendes and Michel Lysight, which led her to premiere many of their pieces.

This exceptional tribute album contains the pieces:

  • Sogno (Frédéric Devreese) ;
  • Sonata 27 (Piotr Lachert) ;
  • Portrait (Michel Lysight) ;
  • Simplesmente uma valsa (Gilberto Mende.

Each work illustrates the admiration of the composer for this discreet but important pianist who created many contemporary works of New Consonant Music.

This work is available as Hard Copy at:

8,75 17,50 

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