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Homage to Hovhaness


Dedicated to François Mardirossian, who commissioned the work, Homage to Hovhaness (2021) for piano is not a pastiche of Alan Hovhaness’ style, but rather a mark of Lysight’s admiration for the music of this great composer.

The piece opens in a meditative atmosphere, a sort of ‘out-of-time’ prelude followed by an expressive melody accompanied by regular chords but which evolves into a more polyphonic writing. The central part, much faster and more virtuosic at its beginning, is in ABA’ form, B being written in an extremely free three-part fugal style, the most direct allusion to Hovhaness, who used the fugue very often in his work. A’, slightly more developed than A, is followed by the return of the first part ‘in mirror’, i.e. the polyphonic writing appears before the melody punctuated by chords. The piece ends with the initial prelude, in the recollected atmosphere of the beginning.

The world premiere, by François Mardirossian, took place during the Festival Superspectives 2021 (France).

This work is available as Hard Copy or PDF at:

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