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Deux Esquisses for piano


Deux Esquisses were composed for piano in 2004 and arranged for four instruments in 2012. The first Esquisse, very lyrical and expressive, is based on a melodic theme which runs on an ostinato played legato. This theme is repeated in canon while the ostinato itself evolves in a stacatto. The piece then goes through various modulations creating contrasting atmospheres in rapid succession until the coda. The main theme is gradually cleaned while the melodic-rhythmic short pattern that emerges from the grave announces the second Esquisse. This one has an obsessive character marked by progressive construction of different repetitive patterns.

Deux Esquisses for piano are recorded by Leonardo Anglani on the CD Pièces pour la jeunesse : BLC Music Production 10007. They are also recorded by Antonio Eduardo on the CD Da areia tembèm se vê o mar (HOME000005).

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