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Contemporary classical music publisher

Contemporary classical music publisher

Cinq Nouveaux Croquis

instrument and piano

Thirty years after the Trois Croquis, his most frequently performed and recorded work, Michel Lysight composed the Cinq Nouveaux Croquis.

At the suggestion of his publisher, this new album takes up the idea of short, highly melodic pieces available in numerous instrumental versions, each time taking into account their specific timbres, registers or particular effects: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone (in Bb and Eb), violin, viola or cello and piano.

While the recipe remains identical to the album written in 1990, the style is now that of an experienced composer who has in the meantime written more than a hundred works played all over the world. If the technical level of the Cinq Nouveaux Croquis is accessible to music school, academy or conservatory students, these chamber music pieces are also intended for professionals who will find plenty of material to express their musicality.

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