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Anaglyphes (2021) is a suite of three short pieces for violoncello and piano. They are dedicated to Yuna Van Spaendonck.

The first one is in ABA’ form. A develops two patterns: the first, very rhythmic and based on short double-string values, alternates with the second, which is more melodic and is played pizzicato. B is directly more lyrical in nature, allowing a long melody to blossom, first enunciated in the piano with the cello supporting it rhythmically until the cello takes up the melody, the piano playing an obstinate counter-motif. A’ then returns and exploits the two elements heard in A, creating surprising colour changes through sudden modulations and superimposing the two elements.

The second one is based on a very expressive melody which passes through various atmospheres thanks to numerous modulations and a dialogue of equals between the two instruments.

The third piece is also in ABA’ form. A alternates a motif with an assertive rhythmic character with a more expressive motif based on cello arpeggios supported by rhythmic piano chords. B sees the cello singing a long melody that unfolds in the high register while the piano plays a sixteenth-note ostinato. A’ reintroduces the two motifs from A but in different keys and with variations, ending in a passionate and luminous mood.

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